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Jack Yan

Not really sure why they need a new logo since the direction of the company has been largely positive and similar over the last wee while. Still, fab video.


I think the blobby Web 2.0 look detracts from the real meaning. Those chevrons represented gear teeth, from memory. If I saw a gear looking like the new logo it would be headed for the scrap bin.

Not sure I like some of the new marketing but it's nice to see some "more than a Pug with chevron badges" design coming back to Citroën.

Jack Yan

The sad thing is that these three-dimensional effects are so in at the moment and clients are asking for them a lot. I think you are right: the chevrons were gear teeth originally.
   I quite like the rationality in the range for most of the decade (C1, C2, etc.) but calling its new supermini the DS is a bit strange to me. Still, better than seeing Pugly Citroëns like the Saxo and LN.

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