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Jack Yan

The product line is strong on the small end, there are new Alfas in the offing, and tying up with Chrysler means Fiat could theoretically field still larger models. Also there is room for Lancia to get into more RHD markets with the new Delta. Marchionne could be right.


I just keep thinking, how close Fiat was to being another Saab*.


* I seriously doubt Holden will fare much better than Saab when GM finally collapses. I suspect even Australian Govt support, if offered, would not help much.

Jack Yan

It could have been very close. I am glad Fiat got away from GM. Saab I have little hope for now, especially with GM’s under-investment. Maybe someone will take it over: it would be a shame to see it go.
   Australia mightn’t save Holden—I suspect you are right there.

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