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I could get into a place like that.  I'm kind of a nature nut.  A day roaming a river or a lake is almost as good as a day in flight.  I like to take my dog and head out for a weekend in country so far back that I know I won't see another soul.  One year my starter went out on one of those expeditions.  I spent half a day jacking up my Honda Civic and rolling it backward off the jack up hill so I could roll start the engine.  When I finally got it going, do you think I packed up and headed back to town?  No, I just made sure for the rest of the weekend my parking spot would allow me to roll start.  I can worry about the car repairs during my next work day.


That photo was early morning on Doubtful Sound. It's about as far away from everything as you can get, an awesome place. But you're right, sometimes just getting out of the city, even for a few hours, seems like a real break. It's one reason to like living in NZ!

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