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Maybe you can tell me.  Do these snapshots stay on RAM memory until you clear the page?  I go sailing around the VOX blogs and read and generally view snaps to determine whether their references are legit but my computer begins to bog after a few minutes or hours depending on what I've been up to.  If those snaps are the cause, I will disable them.  I'd rather open the link than bog down.  Sometimes, while composing a new article, I will leave the computer on for days with research up in several windows until the article is completed.  I clear caches, keep the popup blocker tuned up, keep the virus detector/blocker tuned up, but it took less than a week for this to begin on my Christmas present from me laptop.


I suspect they are cached in the temp files rather than RAM but do slow things down. Maybe clean out your browser temp files would help?

I wish Vox would give more control of them.

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