> Cycle Shots

Photos taken on day cycles. Mainly around & near Auckland, New Zealand. These are just a few of the photos. These are just a few of the photos from this trip. See them all at RobiNZ Flickr

Rangitoto from St. Heliers
Autckland from Bastion Point
Savage Memorial + Kites!
Kite Day for kids &  big kids
Flying Panda
Auckland gets a Fiat dedicated dealership
Alfa Romeo's new home
One of each flypast
F111 from Aus
757 & Orion in formation
Orion getting thrown around was impressive
757 in massively steep climb & turn from Takeoff
Warbird Harvard Aerobatics never disappoint
Warbird Harvard Aerobatics
Is it a Corvair?
Navy Frigate Canterbury
Auckland from Devonport
Rare sight
After the Cup, back to the real world
Supermaxi NZL80 Alfa Romeo
Supermaxi NZL80 Alfa Romeo
Supermaxi NZL80 Alfa Romeo
Supermaxi NZL80 Alfa Romeo
Rangitoto Island
The Bridge in summer mode
Auckland Harbour Bridge
Summer Cruise season in full swing
Le Grand Bleu
This is one of the tenders?
Le Grand Bleu was in town
Viaduct Yachts and that Tower
Blue Sky Wand
The Wind Wand
Sea to Snow
The Coastal Walkway
What a day
New Plymouth Coastline
From down there to here!
The way up
To the mountain
Start of the ascent
Signs of the headwind
Heading towards the Mountain
Mt Taranaki Cycle Profile